Waters, Lauretta – The Wind Beneath My Wings

The purpose of this book is to show others through examples and reading that there is a higher power greater than you or I. When life’s journeys and challenges began to weigh you down, God is always there to breathe on you that new breath of life. So, who is driving you? It’s God! He is always there. You are always able to go a little further knowing that he has your back. He is the WIND BENEATH YOUR WINGS!


What better way to open your mouth and say something than writing a book.  Author Lauretta Waters decided to embark on a dream that captivated her many years ago as she would read about other authors and their struggles.

This inspired her to journal her very own life challenges/struggles. She is prepared to share with others through her book some details of how she persevered in her storms. Who better to tell this story than someone who has been there and lived through it?  The struggles are important, but how you respond to those struggles will have the greater impact.

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