Wilder, Bridgett – Why Me? A Question I Refuse to Ask God

WHY ME? A Question I Refused to Ask God is an unforgettable and deeply moving book to read. Bridgett Wilder is a first-time author, who unveils her life story of how being raped, rejected, and misunderstood brought her to victory. This book is relevant because it connects with experiences of those who have been afflicted physically and mentally. This book will help people to find the roadmap to deliverance. Author Wilder expresses her thoughts and emotions of being delivered from dependency. The broken places in her life introduced her to God. This heart-wrenching book demonstrates how God can use trials to rebuild your life to fulfill His purpose. Author Wilder’s tragic experiences opened up the door for her to meet herself. The writing journey for this book was her way out of despair. Author Wilder found her personal why in fulfilling God’s purpose. Now, she shares her journey of ambition from trials to triumph in WHY ME? A Question I Refused to Ask God.


Bridgett Wilder faced with many obstacles within her life from the age of 18 to 45, she discovered her life with Christ was necessary to get her to a place from tragedy to triumph.

Bridgett graduated from Mount Mary University with a Bachelor’s degree of Science and Minor in Psychology. She is the founder of PERSEVERANCE Health and Wellness Coaching: a company that specializes in weight loss. Her role as a Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant has helped many women reach their goals of modifying their health. She also provides strategies to help her clients change their mindset to reach weight loss goals. She is dedicated to sharing her story with God’s people that demonstrates His power and total reliance on Him. Bridgett desires God’s guidance as she writes and tells of the power and victory in her life by way of Jesus Christ

For more about the author visit: www.bridgettwilder.com