Hamilton, Sally F. – W.I.N. Walking in Newness: The ABC’s to Winning Your Race by Faith

Everyone desires to win in life, or at least have the opportunity to do so. In this uniquely formatted narrative, Sally Hamilton offers the reader a chance at winning. Sally uses her many gifts to speak to the reader by offering the steps to winning through a life filled with faith in the Lord. Not only is the reader given a step-by-step guide, but also reassurance that it is okay if our races are different. One may have to go through life sprinting. Another may have to go through life like that of a calculated race of a marathon. Another person’s race may have prompted a false start and required him or her to start over again. Sally reassures the reader that starting over is an option, it is necessary, and does not delay your reward. No matter the design of your race, continue to run and endure. It is not about speed, but rather completion. You can win!


Sally Hamilton is a fifty-six-year-old woman of God with three adult daughters whom she loves dearly and is so proud of the accomplishments and choices they have made in life, keep up the great work: Sheneta, Anesha, and Alesha. She has eight beautiful grandchildren. She loves God’s people and does her best to show the love of Jesus Christ and his redeeming power to everyone she comes in contact with.  She has written several books and has published three. She is a poet, motivational speaker, teacher, facilitator, and songwriter. She has a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in human service, and a Master of Science with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling. She loves to use her gift to encourage people.

For more about the author visit: www.beautifullivinginc.com