Carter, Valecia – My Heart My Love My Life My Lord: Living Past the Pain

My Heart, My Love, My Life, My Lord: Living Life Past the Pain is a book about the life of a single mother who gets married and battles with the struggles of motherhood, marriage, and life itself. She loves her man, and he loves her, but that does not stop the chaos that is endured. This book is geared toward women who are mothers, wives or single and in a relationship as well as men who have children, are married, single and in a relationship or fighting an addiction.


Valecia Carter is a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother.  She has expressed her emotions through her writing of poetry from middle school to adulthood.  She is a Freelance Poet, Author, Writer, Speaker and Blogger with her book to be released in October 2018.  She decided to write her book with the hope of helping women and men who struggle in their relationships.  There are so many ways to do things but doing things the right way is what turned her test into a testimony. Valecia continues to stretch herself as she walks by Faith with the Spirit of expectancy in all her endeavors and will continue to pursue her dream of publishing multiple books.  

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