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Woman2Woman Full Conference (All 6 Panels)

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There are aspects to the mind that do not always operate at their fullest potential. Your mindset affects the way we think about everything.

That is why we focused this year’s conference on areas that challenge our minds the most.

  • Mental Health/Wellness: Dr. Anita Phillips
  • Relationships: Love McPherson
  • Finances: Shun Strickland
  • Fearful Minds: Pastor Melva Henderson
  • Spiritual minds: Kimberly Lock


As a trauma therapist, life coach and minister, Dr. Anita Phillips is an expert at unraveling the human experience. Known for her paradigm-shifting insights at the intersection of mental health, faith and culture, her work is guided by one simple idea: most things that seem complicated are actually just hard. Dr. Phillips is the guest speaker for the pillow talk session of the pajama party.


Shun Strickland is is a life long learner who is committed to using her knowledge to equip and empower others. Her “Get your financial mind right” session provides a spiritual and introspective look at how we view finances.

Love McPherson is a relationship expert. Love not only focuses on marriages but ensuring that women establish relationships with themselves first. Love McPherson focuses on us getting our relationship minds right.

Melva Henderson is Co-Pastor of World Outreach Center in Milwaukee, WI, alongside her husband, Senior Pastor, Ervin Henderson. She is also President and founder of World Bible Training Institute. Melva joins Woman2Woman to encourage and lead the women on how to get our fearful minds right.

Panel Session: All of the speakers come together to answer questions and offer transparent conversations for the conference guests to glean from.


Kimberly Lock is a dynamic speaker, publisher, author, and teacher with a passion to help women heal, forgive, and find their God given purpose.

As the conference founder and host, Kim closes the conference discussing the spiritual aspects of why it is necessary for us to get our minds right.

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