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"The Mommy Series" Individual Books

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According to the National Center for Mental Health Promotion & Youth Violence Prevention, many tragedies begin with a childhood traumatic event:

  • Over 60% of adults report experiencing abuse or other difficult family circumstances during childhood.
  • Over 30% of children in the United States witness or experience a traumatic event BEFORE turning 4.

It is even said that one treatment for ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in children is talk therapy. Well, how befitting!

“The Disregarded Voice of a Child" encourages talk therapy. It is a 6-book series that promotes open dialogue among elementary-aged children and their mothers. The book topics were derived from discussions held with children who have either experienced some form of physical/emotional abuse or the communication and emotion between the child and parent was misunderstood. These books (also referred to as The Mommy Series”) are written in the voice and from the perspective of the child, while speaking to the mother. lonely or would just like a little more comfort as we all have grown up with a comforting toy. The intent of these books, are to encourage our youth to confide in the parent/guardian at an early age and establish a relationship now, before facing the peer pressures of life that are so often acquainted with bullying in higher educational schools. They are also designed to promote open dialogue.

Every book concludes with an adult summary and a biblical scripture supporting the book's subject. Additionally, every cover and every page, of all 6 books contain an illustration of a blue teddy bear. The purpose of the bear is to provide comfort or a bedtime companion.

“The Mommy Series” is set to target childcare centers, Christian elementary schools, foster home/adoption agencies, children hospitals, libraries, parents/guardians, and concerned adults.

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