Module 4: The Vision

In this video, I'll provide a brief overview of Module 4: “The Vision"

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During these next 4 weeks, we demonstrate the Major & Minor Prophet books begin with Isaiah through Malachi.
The grouping of these books provide a simple ways to divide the word of God spoken prophetically to His people. The grouping does not imply that the Prophets were major or minor, but rather the length and the content of these books.

While these books are least often studied due to the lack of understanding of the

prophetic language, they not only foretell the birth of Christ and His sacrificial death in Isaiah and Micah but also His return in Ezekiel, Daniel and Zechariah.

The Gospels (Matthew - John) give the personality of Jesus as the Christ, Son of God and the Son of Man and they show fulfillment of the Old Testament.

In this module we will also review how the chapters of your narrative bring out your writing personality.


Your introduction should foretell of what the reader is going to experience in the pages to come. This module will assist the author with understanding:
  1. The intent and purpose of the introduction.
  2. How to structure chapters of a book.
  3. Steps to writing an effective introduction.


  1. Develop SMART writing goals.
  2. Develop book marketing pitches.
Module 1 (MOD 4) The Vision
Unit 1 (MOD 4) Course Presentation
Unit 2 (MOD 4) Deliverable: Book Introduction
Unit 3 (MOD 4) Deliverable: Chapter Writing
Unit 4 (MOD 4) Best Practice: Pre-Marketing
Unit 5 (MOD 4) Best Practice: Your Writing Voice
Unit 6 (MOD 4) Best Practice: SMART Writing Goals
Unit 7 Module 4 Quiz
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