Lock-Harris, Kara – Deaf by Giants When Your Flesh is Louder Than His Voice

Have you ever said, “Something told me,” but you are not sure what that “Something” is?

God is closer to us than we often realize, assisting us with His loving grace.

Believers encounter many forces at work causing their flesh to scream louder than God’s voice. A real-life tactic from the enemy plugging your Spiritual ear from hearing that one critical voice that speaks directly to your heart. Some theologians will declare that God does not speak anymore, even though the Bible offers proof otherwise. In this tactical literary work, you will go on a Spiritual searching journey, as the author explores giants she encountered throughout life causing her to go spiritually deaf. As you read, begin to recognize and annihilate the same deafening giants in your life…before it’s too late.


Kara Lock-Harris holds a master’s degree in Business with an emphasis in International Business from Lakeland College in Sheboygan, WI. Kara Harris is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She serves diligently at her church as a Minister, Sunday School teacher, praise and worship singer, and choir member.