Rainey, Eric – Rerouted

REROUTED takes us on a journey of life with God as our navigation system. Often times when the voice connected to the GPS system tells us that we are being: “rerouted,” there is a since of uneasiness and anxiety that sets in. “Will I make it on time? How much longer is the delay?” We simply have no choice but to move forward with the selected detour route. This book offers an introspective look at the process of detours during the reconstruction of our lives, which often lead to beautiful destinations much more enjoyable and rewarding than the original route we intended – by following God’s direction. He is our global positioning system.


Eric Rainey is a Husband, Dad, Minister, Author, Mentor, and Freelance Writer. Through his trials and tribulations, Eric has an unique ability to bring to life his past struggles, and help men who have lived in adverse conditions escape their past and birth their future. His commitment to be who GOD called him to be has set a fire in his soul to see men of any color, or race set free and delivered from sin.

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